Accessibility Design

When choosing an accessible elevating device, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each potential solution.

If cost or space are not issues, then a full passenger elevator with a fully enclosed cab, automatic operation, unrestricted access, higher speeds and load capacities is the best solution.

However, if cost or space is an issue, a LULA Elevator or an Accessibility Lift (also known as a Handicapped Lift, or Lift for Persons with a Disability) may be a more appropriate solution for your building.

When selecting a lift/elevator type, it is important to not only take code differences into consideration, but also the needs of the end users. For example, both Accessibility Lifts and LULA Elevators travel very slowly (about six inches per second) and passengers may get frustrated when travelling multiple floors.

Most companies supply products for either the accessibility lift industry or the traditional elevator industry. Delta Elevator offers products and has expertise and experience in both industries, enabling us to advise you on the best accessibility solution that fits your budget.

Contact our in-house experts for a free design consultation to help you select the best device for the long term for your building.

Does my building need an Accessibility Lift, a LULA, or a full elevator?
SpecificationAccessibility Lift*
(Vertical Platform Lift)
Limited Use, Limited Application (LULA)Hydraulic Passenger Elevator
Elevator Code CAN/CSA-B355 (Lift) CAN/CSA-B44 (Elevator) CAN/CSA-B44 (Elevator)
Speed 0.15 metres/second
(about 6 inches/second)
0.15 metres/second
(about 6 inches/second)
0.4 to 0.75 m/s
(up to 2.5 feet/second)
Capacity 454 kg 635 kg 910 to 2,500 kg
Maximum Floors Served Up to 4 floors Up to 7 floors Up to 10 floors
Maximum Travel Up to 7 metres Up to 9 metres Up to 25 metres
Cab Size (inside) 2 square metres and up Up to 1.67 square metres 2.36 to 5.19 square metres
Control Type Constant Pressure Automatic Operation Automatic Operation
Hall Entrances Swing type (manual operation) 2-speed sliding (power operation) 1-speed, 2-speed or centre opening (power operation)
Car Entrances None 2-speed sliding (power operation) 1-speed, 2-speed or centre
opening (power operation)
Restricted Access Required Yes; requires key, card, or keypad No No
Attendant Required Yes, attendant must be available No No
Power Supply 240V/1ph or 208V/3ph 240V/1ph or 208V/3ph 208V/3ph or 600V/3ph
Minimum Pit Depth 305 mm 355 mm 1524 mm
Minimum Overhead 2438 mm 3400 mm 3760 mm
Recommended Maintenance Quarterly Monthly Monthly