Maintenance & Repairs

FAQ for Maintenance & Repairs

How frequently should I schedule maintenance for my elevator?

The recommended maintenance frequency depends on the type of unit and how often it is used. For normal usage levels, schedule maintenance calls:

What types of maintenance contracts are available?

Delta offers three types of elevator contracts: Labour, Oil & Grease (LOG), Full Maintenance (FM) and Full Maintenance Extended (FMX). The LOG type is the minimum level of maintenance legally required by the TSSA, with extra charges for all additional work. The FM type includes most repair calls as well as a preventive maintenance program. The FMX type includes all repair calls and the preventive maintenance program.

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What are the benefits of a full maintenance contract?

An FM contract helps keep elevator operating costs stable over time because most repair calls are included in the monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. An FMX contract is even better because all repair calls are included. Both FM and FMX contracts include a preventive maintenance program that will extend the life of your elevator. With regular maintenance, your device could be in service for 20 years or more. Plus fewer “balloon” expenses caused by surprise repairs, and longer device life, result in lower life-cycle costs, making budgeting easier and leaving you more capital to invest elsewhere.

Are repairs included in the maintenance contract?

This depends on the type of contract and the type of repair. Virtually all repairs under a LOG contract are billable to the owner, while most repairs are covered under an FM or FMX contract.

Is upgrading obsolete parts covered by the maintenance contract?

Under normal circumstances, it costs extra to replace obsolete parts no matter what type of contract you have. However, once the parts are upgraded, maintenance and repair are covered under FM and FMX contracts.

Who pays for vandalism?

Regardless of the type of contract, the owner is responsible to pay for repairs due to vandalism since the damage is not related to the reliability of the elevator.

What repairs or work can I do on my elevator?

You may change light bulbs, but not light fixtures, flooring, wall panels and ceiling without the supervision of a licensed elevator mechanic or technician.

You should clean regularly, but do not use or transport a floor scrubber in an elevator if it weighs more than a quarter of the capacity of the elevator.

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How does the cost of maintenance services affect my condo fees?

This article from CondoBusiness explains how maintenance can reduce overall cost of ownership.

Maintenance fees are currently a hot topic of debate in condominium circles. On one side of the debate, consumer advocates suggest that low maintenance fees are desirable because they increase property values and make condominium living more affordable. On the other side of the debate, industry professionals warn that artificially reducing maintenance fees could be catastrophic in the long run.

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