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Delta Makes You Look Good

You want the best elevator solution for your client. Delta offers a range of quality devices from Hydraulic Passenger, Traction and MRL Elevators to LULA Accessibility Devices, Material Lifts and Freight Elevators.

State-of-the-art equipment, lean manufacturing practices, in-house engineering and manufacturing teams, and 50 years of experience allow Delta to provide:

Our highly skilled staff can manufacture a standard device that meets your client’s needs, or customize an elevator for your situation.

All of our projects meet current TSSA-enforced CSA B44 elevator codes and implement the best safety designs available. Our devices employ the advanced technology of Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency (VVVF) controllers and motors, which lowers energy costs and improves elevator leveling accuracy.

Contact us during your design phase. We would be happy to provide you with CAD drawings and detailed specifications.

Why a lower-cost elevator may be more expensive in the long run

When researching the best elevator solution, on the surface there may not seem to be much difference between products offered by different companies. However:

As Ontario’s largest independent elevator contractor, we have a proven customer service record and over 45 years of experience. Contact us today.