Maintenance & Repairs

Manlifts & Industrial Elevators

Manlifts and industrial elevators are used in settings such as feed mills, flour mills and other production operations. Drive configurations include hand-powered counter-balanced, rack & pinion, traction, and powered endless-belt.

Delta’s mechanics have over a century of combined experience with these devices and have access to one of the largest spare parts inventories for manlifts in Ontario.

In addition to being the authorized service provider for Alimak Hek in the province of Ontario for the service and repair of the Alimak Hek rack & pinion manlifts, we also service equipment from a variety of other manufacturers, including Fraco, Humphrey, and Sidney.

Delta field mechanics and supervisors have completed training on the maintenance and repair of manlifts and industrial elevators and are qualified to service them across Ontario. We also have immediate access to the manufacturers’ technical support and to all required spare parts.

For field support services of manlifts and industrial elevators in Ontario, call Delta at 1-800-265-6348 or 519-745-5789, or use our contact form.

Note: For inquiries related to the installation of new manlifts and industrial elevators, please contact the manufacturers directly:

Rack & Pinion Industrial Elevators Alimak Hek Company Logo

Rack & Pinion elevators, such as those provided by Alilmak Hek, are ideally suited to harsh industrial environments (i.e., mines, power generation, cement manufacturing, chemical production, food processing etc.). Where regular traction elevators require a wire rope that is subject to damage in harsh environments, the rack & pinion design offers a more robust alternative. Also, while varying temperatures can cause wire ropes to lengthen or contract, resulting in leveling problems, a rack & pinion lift always provides accurate floor leveling in these conditions.

Another advantage is that this type of lift does not require a separate machine room since the drive motor, brakes and gears are all self-contained on top of the car.

Rack & pinion lifts can be installed inside or outside, above ground or below, and on vertical, curved, or inclined surfaces.