Accessible Customer Service

Delta Elevator ensures that persons with disabilities have an opportunity to utilize the services of Delta in a manner that respects their dignity and independence with the same opportunity as other customers.

Delta's Commitments
Telephone Services

Employees communicating with customers over the telephone communicate in clear language and to speak clearly and in a manner the customer understands. The following services at Delta are critical functions that require strong telephone communication skills:

Assistive Devices

Delta permits individuals to use their assistive devices (e.g. wheelchair) to obtain, use or benefit from Delta’s services.

Support Persons

Persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person are permitted to enter common areas. A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person is not prevented from having access to the support person while on Delta’s premises.

If Delta requires a person with a disability to be accompanied by a support person for health or safety reasons, Delta will

Service Animals

Persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a guide dog or other service animal are permitted to enter common areas and to keep the animal with them. On rare occasions, a manager may determine that a service animal cannot enter an area of the premises consistent with other laws. In these instances, managers will suggest appropriate alternatives and provide assistance.


Invoices are provided in the following formats upon request: e-mail, hardcopy, or large print.

Notice of Temporary Disruptions

Delta provides in a conspicuous space as is reasonable in the circumstances notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption in the facilities or services used by person with disabilities, including,


Delta welcomes feedback regarding the way the Delta provides accessible customer service. Customer feedback helps us identify barriers and respond to concerns. Everyone, including customers, who wish to provide feedback on the way Delta provides goods, services, or facilities to people with disabilities, can be made by email, verbally, or in writing.

All feedback, including complaints, will be handled by an internal team at Delta and overseen by the VP of Human Resources. Customers can expect to hear back within 10 days. Delta will make sure our feedback process is accessible to people with disabilities by providing or arranging for accessible formats and communication supports, on request.

Accessibility Contact

Persons can contact the VP Human Resources, or the Health & Safety Coordinator at Delta.