LULA Accessibility Elevators

LULA (Limited Use, Limited Application) elevators cost-effectively increase the accessibility of a building. While LULAs are intended for limited use, they are engineered and manufactured with the same quality Delta uses for our standard elevator products.

LULAs are small commercial elevators with a maximum:

The Delta 9000 LULA elevator is designed to use less shaft and machine room space, less pit depth, and less overhead clearances than conventional commercial elevators. A Delta LULA elevator will fit within 3,400 mm of overhead. However, the B44 Elevator Code Clause permits a reduced overhead where 3,400 mm is not available. With the addition of an “Overhead Restrictor Mechanism” at extra cost, Delta can fit a LULA into an existing building with as little as 3,048 mm of overhead.

The Delta 9000 is ideal for retrofit applications such as churches, schools, and condos. It is also suitable for many other applications where accessibility is required and convenient, barrier-free, automatic operation is desired. See other accessibility options.

Delta 9000 LULA standard features


Delta 9000 Drawings

There are four LULA models, based on cab dimensions: