Building Owners & Managers

We’re Here for You

Whether you are a building owner or a property manager who needs to maintain and repair or modernize an elevating device, Delta Elevator is a trusted Canadian-owned and operated company that can meet your needs.

We are Ontario’s largest independent elevator contractor with a proven customer service record and more than 50 years of experience.

Local Service and Support

Our head office, including our technical support team and emergency dispatch, are centrally located in Kitchener, Ontario. Delta is familiar with the community and can visit you at your location. Please feel free to call our office to speak to a representative at any time.

How long can you expect your elevator to last?

Several factors contribute to the life expectancy of an elevator, including:

With proper preventive maintenance, your elevating device can last 20 or more years before a modernization is necessary.

Elevator Life Cycle

An elevator can last 20 years or more with preventative maintenance.