Accessibility Lifts

The Delta 7000 Accessibility Lift is designed for barrier-free applications where there are two or more floors that require access. These lifts are suitable for places of worship, funeral homes, service clubs, community centres, group homes or other low-use applications.

The Delta 7000 is available with finishes and options ranging from a basic economical unit to a high-end showpiece. All of our components are simple, economical and—most importantly—reliable.

The installation of the Delta 7000 is simple and therefore easily fits into even the most stringent project schedule.

Five Year Warranty

With a track record of over 50 years’ reliable service, Delta now offers you a five-year warranty—one of the longest warranties in the accessibility industry.

Selected Features

A variety of sizes and door configurations are available (see below), including casket-sized cabs, which are ideal for churches and funeral homes.


Delta 7000 Drawings

Please note that all model numbers have changed as of October 2017.