Product Overview

Delta Elevator designs, manufactures, and installs a wide range of standard elevating devices. We can also supply custom-engineered units. Our goal is to help determine the best solution to meet your needs.

Some factors to consider include:

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Delta Elevator Models
Description Max. Floors Max. Travel (mm) Capacity (kg) Speeds (m/s)
Passenger Elevators
Conventional Hydraulic 6 15,000 910 - 2,500 0.4 - 0.75
Holeless Dual Cylinder 4 8,400 910 - 2,500 0.4 - 0.75
Holeless Roped Hydraulic 6 15,000 910 - 1,587 0.4 - 0.75
Geared Traction 31 100,000 910 - 2,500 0.75 - 2.00
Machine Room-Less Traction 20 60,000 910 - 2,050 0.75 - 1.75
Accessibility Products
Delta 7000 Accessibility Lift 4 7,000 454 0.15
Delta 9000 LULA Elevator 7 9,000 635 0.15
Freight Elevators
Conventional Hydraulic 6 15,000 910 - 10,000+ 0.4 - 0.75
Geared Traction 31 85,000 910 - 9,000 0.4 - 1.75
Material Lift 2 5,000 454 - 1,815 0.15

Hydraulic Passenger Elevators

Conventional Hydraulic Passenger Elevator

An in-ground jack lifts a platform that is guided by rails. The hole is usually drilled before the building is erected. Inside drilling can be arranged for special situations. Mechanically, this is the most balanced hydraulic elevator configuration, offering a smooth ride with quiet operation.

Holeless Dual-Cylinder Passenger Elevator

Delta's line of Holeless Hydraulic elevators offers a viable alternative to a conventional hydraulic elevator when hole drilling is either cost restrictive or impractical due to site conditions. Two cylinders situated beside the rails lift a platform guided on the rails. This configuration can have front and rear entrances. Oil noise is greater than an in-ground (CHP) configuration.

Roped Hydraulic Passenger Elevator

In this holeless configuration, a cantilevered platform is lifted by ropes that pass over a sheave fastened to the top of a hydraulic jack. This configuration cannot have rear entrances.

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Geared Traction Passenger Elevator

A conventional overhead geared machine with the car attached to cables that are counter-weighted over the drive sheave. The motor size and power consumption are significantly lower than hydraulic elevators, but the elevator and building costs are higher.

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Machine Room-Less Elevator

A newer traction configuration with the machine located in the elevator shaft. The gearless machine and counter-weighted car enable faster travel and higher energy efficiency. Although no machine room is required, a controller space must still be located near the elevator shaft.

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Delta 7000 Accessibility Lift

A budget-priced lift that meets all applicable codes, the Delta 7000 is available in a variety of cab configurations and colours.

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Delta 9000 Accessibility Elevator (LULA)

The Delta 9000 is a small commercial hydraulic elevator with a capacity of 635 kilograms, pit depth requirement of 356 mm and reduced overhead requirements.

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Conventional Hydraulic Freight Elevator

An in-ground hydraulic jack lifts a platform that is guided by rails. These durable units stand up well to rough loading conditions including forklifts and tow motors. Most freight elevator sizes are custom designed to suit the loads being lifted.

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Geared Traction Freight Elevator

A conventional overhead geared machine with the car attached to cables that are counter-weighted over the drive sheave. This style is recommended for longer travel and greater speed than the Conventional Hydraulic Freight elevator (CHF).

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Material Lift (Freight Platform Lift)

A more economical way to move freight (5,000 mm maximum). These lifts can only penetrate one floor and may carry only one operator. The swing door systems are typically not as durable as in freight elevators.

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