Modernization & Upgrades

FAQ for Modernizations

How long will an elevator run before requiring a modernization?

The expected life of an elevator depends on equipment design, environmental factors, level of usage, and maintenance programs. With a proper preventative maintenance program in place, most elevators will last about 20 years before a major upgrade is required.

How long does it take to modernize an elevator?

The length of time an elevator is out of service due to a modernization depends on the type of drive configuration, the extent of the equipment being replaced, and the number of floors. However, most modernizations can be completed in four or five weeks. This period can be compressed by working overtime, outside of core hours. Note that the lead time for modernizations can be up to 12 months due to parts sourcing and crew scheduling constraints.

What can I do to extend the life of my elevator?

General wear and/or damage cannot be improved, but with careful maintenance and replacement of worn components, the need for a full modernization can often be delayed. This allows time for the expenditure to be incorporated in your normal capital planning cycle. Delta can provide equipment evaluations to help assess a unit's expected life and possible repairs to extend it. See also our Maintenance Tips.

What do I need to know about machine guarding and car top railings?

Machine guarding and car top railings have recently been identified as safety issues affecting those working on or around elevators.

In some areas in Toronto, the Ministry of Labour has enforced additional machine guarding at several locations. Also, the TSSA has issued Directors Order 245/10 regarding car top railing requirements.

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