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Recent Director’s Orders and updates from the TSSA are collected on this page for your convenience. Please check the TSSA site regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Active Director’s Orders

Single Bottom Cylinders

Prior to about 1977, in-ground hydraulic cylinders were often installed without a protective PVC sleeve. This created a potentially dangerous corrosive condition in which a catastrophic failure could occur. The D.O. requires that measures be taken on all single bottom cylinders by May 1, 2015 to prevent this.

Car Aprons

Car aprons prevent access below the elevator car when the car is stopped mid-floor. In some cases, older elevators do not have this feature installed, while in other cases, the configuration of the car apron still allows access. The D.O. provides guidelines on ensuring compliance.

Single Speed Units

In 2017, the TSSA issued D.O. 267 / 17 which rescinded Directors Order 267 / 14. The industry believes TSSA's original D.O. 267 / 14 should have remained in place since it specifies upgrades and timelines. Note that D.O. 269 /17 does not eliminate the hazard and resulting risk, it simply removes the deadline for completing the required upgrades. The D.O. 267 / 17 also mandates new maintenance and inspec on criteria that lack clarity and thus put elevator contractors and building owners in a difficult position.

Older elevators with single speed drive and landing system technology often cannot accurately level at landings, causing dangerous tripping hazards for riders. The TSSA has mandated that all of these elevators must be modernized over the course of 2018–2022 based on installation number.

Car Top Railings

All elevators equipped with a car top that serves as a worker platform, where the distance between the edges of the car enclosure top and the adjacent hoistway exceeds 300 mm (12 in.) horizontal clearance and on sides where there is no hoistway enclosure, must be equipped with a conforming guardrail.

Recent Information Bulletins

Circular to Owners re: Single Bottom Cylinders

Since the May 1, 2015 deadline for addressing single bottom cylinders has passed, the TSSA provided guidelines for keeping units that have not been upgraded in service. In particular, the TSSA must be informed that there is a contract in place to perform the upgrades and to perform monthly oil loss monitoring.

Director’s Update

This annual information document provides status updates on active and proposed Director’s Orders, news about the TSSA, and helpful hints for owners.