Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance Programs

Delta has three basic elevator maintenance contract service levels. Choose the one that’s right for you:

  1. Labour, Oil, & Grease (LOG) contracts provide the minimum service required to comply with TSSA requirements, including routine maintenance during scheduled visits (cleaning, lubricating, minor adjustments, and visual inspections) and safety tests. Repairs are not included.
  2. Full Maintenance (FM) contracts provide the benefits of the LOG contract plus a full preventive maintenance program, as well as repairs on most major elevator components. Includes repair calls during regular working hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM).
  3. Full Maintenance Extended (FMX) contracts include the benefits of the FM contract plus all repair calls regardless of the day of the week or time of day.
Maintenance Contract Features
TypeCalls During
Regular Hours
After-Hours Calls
& Travel Time
LOG Extra Extra Extra Low
FM Included Extra Included Medium
FMX Included Included Included Higher

Trouble Calls

Because of our emphasis on preventive maintenance, Delta has one of the lowest trouble call ratios of all elevator contractors in Ontario. On average, a Delta-maintained elevator requires fewer than two equipment-related repair calls per year.

Response Times

We pride ourselves on responding quickly and efficiently to unplanned service calls. With a significant presence throughout Southwestern and Central Ontario, one of Delta’s GPS-equipped mechanics is always available to respond to your emergency.

Payment Options

Choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. We can invoice you or automatically debit your account.

Telephone Monitoring

Delta can also monitor your elevator telephone with live answering from our Kitchener office during business hours or a dispatching service at other times.

Repairs & Modernizations

Even with the best preventive maintenance, your elevating device will eventually need significant repairs, upgrading, retrofitting, or replacement. Delta has the expertise to repair or modernize almost any elevator problem.

Contact us for a competitive quote on a full modernization project, TSSA-mandated upgrade or retrofit, or to repair items such as door operators, pumping units, and cylinders.